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Written by: League Administrator
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

1. What is the Little Kritters Academy.?

The Little Kritters Soccer program is specially designed for preschoolers. A story book is provided for every child. The story line introduces the children to 11 animal characters who possess unique soccer skills. Together, they make up the Puppy Town Stars Soccer Club. Our coaches will help the players learn these soccer skills through fun activities.

Each new Little Kritter player receives a ball, shirt and the story book.

2. What is the cost.

New Little Kritters : $82

Returning Little Kritters : $67

3. Why are the seasons only 5 sessions?

Five sessions allows the child and parents decide if this is something they want to continue. It allows time for the child to settle into the program and make friends. If they decide to take a season off, they do not need to wait 6 months or a year for the next season

4. Why are they not placed in teams?

"team" and "sharing" are learned skills. You would not place six preschoolersin a sandbox with one toy and expect them to "play nicely". Returning Little Kritters are taught to to share and compete for one ball. This is done through non threatening games.

5. Why do you use the same schedule each week?

Children respond well to routine. They may fight it at first but soon settle down. That is why they do better in a "school" environment. There are no surprises. They know what comes next. That is why we use the same routine each week. The games may change, but the order is always the same. They know that when it is "tunnel time" they will get to run through and receive a sucker no matter if they have had a "good" day or "bad". You may want to add to the routine and stop for "ice cream" on the way home. I have recommended this many times for parents and players who get more involved with "winning" than in "playing". Make stopping for ice cream part of the soccer ritual. You stop whether you win or lose. Whether he has had a good day or bad day. Stopping for ice cream is like doing something good for yourself after a bad day at work, or treating yourself after a good day at work. Good day, or bad day "ice cream" will make it better.

6.What Equipment Does My Child Need for the Program?

No special equipment is needed for the New Little Kritters. All they need are sneakers and comfortable clothes. A ball and a shirt is given to each new player as part of the package. Returning Little Kritters will begin to compete for the ball and therefore they will need to wear shinguards. Shinguards must be covered by either a sock or pants. The edges can be sharp and we want to avoid scratches and cuts. The previous season's shirt and ball may still be used. Replacements can be bought at our online store www.lksocceracademy.com

Extra Shirt $10, ExtraBall $10

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